Monday, January 23, 2017

Weird Dream...

I had a very weird dream, I saw my father who passed away 13 years ago, he smell stinky and he is very ugly and thin look his teeths is like in the horror movie, he lead me the way to somewhere I saw a very beautiful place with three stair with a many steps its seem like glowing from far where I stand. I asked him if he stayed on that place but he said no, he stayed in very hot place that is why he is so thin.

I don't know what does it mean but when he is alive, he is the kindest person I ever known. Humanity is his vision in life.
Before he died he beg to God with all of his sin, but why he stayed in very hot place?

He asked me to visit his grave once in a while...

Is he really my Father? Is it possible that he showed me the heaven?

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