Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dengue Awareness month…

I heard an interesting story from my office mate about dengue hope it can helps…
Early this morning I had a little to chit chat with my officemate… he shared that his diagnose with dengue fever last week. The doctors advise him to take a rest in their hospital to monitor his platelets (his platelets count is 189 that time). But he is not comfortable in the hospital and he chooses to stay at their house instead in the hospital.
Then he recalled on his mind a story from his friend that experienced a dengue fever too. His friend said a Chinese herbologist gave him a 1 teaspoon of pure papaya leaves juice. And then after 8 – 24 hours they test again his platelets and like a magic his platelets count increased.
So my officemate told to his wife to get some papaya leaves from their backyard and squeeze it, his wife follow what he told. He took 1 teaspoon of papaya leaves juice but he didn’t like the taste even the smell but he need forced his self to take that even his stomach didn’t want to accept it and he want to vomit but still he strained his self. And after that day he go back to the hospital to have a test again his platelets count increased to 320. (whoaaaah.. it’s amazing…)
Before, I just used papaya leaves to whiten my skin but now it can cure dengue wow how great…. Hope it can help some people out there experiencing the same case.

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ladyinpurple said...

It's rainy season again..Filipinos must be alert!Thanks for this reminder